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Crop circles are formations that are formed in crop fields in ways we do not know. The formations are shaped like various symbols and figures, but "real" formations are characterised by a mathematically perfect symmetry and  they often give the impression of a "design" originating beyond our consciousness.


Sacred Geometry


Many formations resemble mandala patterns, and some display a clear reference to this ancient wisdom.  Many researchers draw the same parallels, and to the dicipline called "sacred geometry".


Energy Sites


It is particularly interesting that many of the formations in England can be found near many stone circles and energy sites that are several thousand years old. Globally, around 13,000 crop circles have been registered, most of these in England.




Many people experience a strong 'meeting with themselves' in a crop circle, or a strong sense of 'awareness'.
Everybody is searching for balance and harmony, and I feel that we experience this when we come into contact with the perfect symmetry of a crop circle. Then we meet ourselves, because the crop circles reflect the balance that is always available within ourselves.


Balls of Light


In connection with crop circles, there have been several observations of "Balls of light".  These are luminous balls of varying sizes flying in the air above or in the proximity of a crop circle. Balls of light have been filmed on several occations, including an instance on Oliver Castle the 11 August 1996, showing golden balls softly sweeping across a field creating a beautiful formation.


Military Helicopters


It is widely reported that military helicopters often traffic the areas around crop circles. Some people wonder whether these know more than what is generally known about the crop circle phenomenon - e.g. if they are able to measure some sort of activity before or when a crop circle appears. Such helicopters have also been observed at the time when crop circles are created, e.g. above the Golden Ball Hill formation on 26 July 2004.


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